People die in car crashes across the state of Texas every day. Although they are dangerous, motor vehicles are part of most people’s daily lives. People try to ignore the risk involved, and it’s easy to do so until you or someone you love gets into a motor vehicle crash.

Losing someone you love in a crash can be a devastating experience. Such an unexpected loss can cause profound emotional trauma. It could take months or many seasons for you to grieve. Support groups, therapy and plenty of loving kindness from your social network can all help you process a sudden loss.

Even after you learn to live with your loss, you and the rest of your family will have to bear the financial burden of that loss. Bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against a person who causes a crash is one way to reduce the impact of a deadly crash on your life.

Wrongful death claims only happen if someone is at fault

Sometimes, circumstances lead to tragic outcomes, and no one is directly to blame. Other times, it is obvious that one person is responsible for the tragedy you experience. Drunk driving is one example of a situation where allocating fault is straightforward. Texting at the wheel is another example. People speeding, arguing on their phone or falling asleep at the wheel could also result in a crash that has devastating consequences.

Only in situations where you can demonstrate that negligence, lack of skill, carelessness, or the wrongful acts of a person or company caused the crash will you be able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit under Texas law.

What compensation can you seek?

Wrongful death lawsuits let you seek financial compensation for the losses your family suffers. Lost wages, including future wages and benefits, are one such financial hardship. Loss of support and service in the home is another. Your family will also need to consider medical expenses related to the crash and any funeral costs you incurred.

The exact circumstances of the crash and the death of your loved one will influence what compensation you can claim. It can be very difficult to put a price on the help and love provided by your deceased family member. Still, establishing the monetary value of their services to you can help you seek justice after a tragic loss.