Hold Drunk Drivers Liable For Accidents

Accidents involving a driver who is either driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI) are an especially traumatic class of motor vehicle accidents that can result in very serious bodily injuries and possibly death. Although DWI and DUI are both against the law and drivers risk significant penalties for violations of the law, it still occurs with alarming frequency at all hours of the day and night.

Resulting in significant injuries, the taking of innocent lives, shattering families, hurting friends and destroying the livelihoods of the driver and victims. In Texas, almost 1,000 people lose their lives annually due to DWI and DUI accidents, with almost 20,000 injuries caused.

An accident with a drunk driver is a devastating financial and emotional experience. The SCV Law Firm, PLLC, will work with you to minimize the impact the crash has on your life. Whether you need help getting the medical treatment you need, obtaining a rental car or communicating with the insurance company, we will be there at your side.

Drunk Driving Cases Are Highly Unique

The SCV Law Firm, PLLC team of experienced DWI and DUI accident attorneys stand ready to assist you in the confusing and difficult process of dealing with a motor vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver. In Texas, a DWI or DUI is both a criminal offense and considered negligence per se in civil liability cases (such as a claim for compensation for bodily injuries). What this means is that if you are hit by someone who is driving while intoxicated or impaired by drugs, they are legally considered to be at fault regardless of the specific circumstances.

The SCV Law Firm, PLLC specializes in using knowledge of drunk driving and traffic laws to ensure you receive the maximum compensation possible for your personal injury claim to restore you as best as possible to your life before the accident. We can use these techniques even if the driver is not ultimately convicted of a DWI or DUI in a criminal court.

In addition to seeking compensation or filing a lawsuit with the drunk driver and their insurance company, the SCV Law Firm, PLLC may also seek damages under the Texas dram shop laws against the bar, liquor store or person who served or sold alcohol to the driver if they were obviously intoxicated. If you or someone close to you has been seriously injured or killed due to the actions of a drunk driver, the skilled attorneys at the SCV Law Firm, PLLC understand what is required to make sure the drunk driver and responsible parties are held accountable and you receive the compensation you are entitled to receive.

Even a person charged with a DWI or DUI will have professionals from the insurance company and even a private criminal defense attorney on their side. Entrust the legal professionals of the SCV Law Firm, PLLC to protect your legal rights and balance the scales to your favor.

Timing is important in drunk driving accident cases – just as it is in any type of motor vehicle accident. To have the best chances of making a full financial and medical recovery, work with your lawyer and medical provider closely in the days following the collision.

We Can Help You Today

You can count on us to provide cost-efficient service. Our fees are contingent, which means that we will not charge you unless we win your drunk driving or distracted driving accidental injury case. Call the experienced DWI accident attorneys at the SCV Law Firm, PLLC at (214) 223-0000, or send us a message online. Located in Dallas-Fort Worth, we are able to assist drivers and pedestrians throughout the state of Texas.

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