Was The Other Driver Distracted When You Were Injured In A Crash?

For as long as people have been driving vehicles, distractions that affect drivers’ concentration have been a danger in traffic. Speed and unpredictable road conditions and events make it imperative for drivers to stay vigilant while driving. In today’s society of the ever-present cellphone, distracted driving is a major hazard and cause of accidents. In fact, studies have shown that distracted drivers using cellphones are just as dangerous as drunk drivers.

When the SCV Law Firm, PLLC represents you after an auto accident in which you were injured or your loved one was killed, we are committed to exploring all avenues to building a strong claim for compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering caused by distracted driving.

The Hazards Of Driver Distraction

Part of the most successful cases is performing an accident reconstruction to discover what led to a crash and determine the responsible party. A close look at what was happening at the time of the accident is essential in a personal injury case.

Historically, drivers have always been faced with potential distractions from a variety of things inside and outside the vehicle, such as:

  • Maps and directions
  • Radio controls and loud music
  • Smoking, eating, and personal grooming while driving
  • Conversations with or between passengers
  • Children inside the vehicle
  • Unexpected objects on the road, such as birds, small animals, pedestrians, and bicycles

In recent years, personal communication devices have dramatically increased the variety of tempting distractions. Primarily, as noted above, this is due to the proliferation of the usage of cellphones (regardless of hands-free usage) but may also be due to the use of the following in a vehicle:

  • Video players often set for the entertainment of passengers in the back seat
  • GPS devices
  • Small computer tablets, including e-readers and laptop computers

When such a distraction leads to injuries of other people, proving their usage becomes a critical piece of evidence in a personal injury claim.

A Thorough Investigation Should Look At Cellphone Use

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a car or truck accident, a detailed investigation into the causes should include a review of cellphone records for drivers of all vehicles involved.

The SCV Law Firm, PLLC's attorneys are proficient in all of the various means of determining if a cellphone or another electronic device was used at the time of an accident. When it can be demonstrated that a driver was engaged in cellphone communications or otherwise distracted near the time of a crash, this fact is often critical to establishing a successful case for compensation for an injured client.

This evidence of negligence usually makes an injury claim or wrongful death lawsuit more compelling and conclusively establishes which party is at fault.

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